Dee Dolen Band

since 2001


(Jazz, Worldmusic, Crossover)

Austria /Europe



                                                                                Founder/ Idee/ Konzept


                                                         Mag. art Ingrid frida Moser- voc/comp

                                                          Achim Kirchmair- guit/comp


Die aus ursprüngliche aus Tirol stammende, charismatische Sängerin Ingrid frida Moser und der Jazz-Gitarrist Achim Kirchmair sind seit 2001 die treibenden Kräfte der österreichischen Band Dee Dolen

Ohne musikalische Grenzen, dafür immer mit einer grenzenlos grandiosen Band schaffen sie seit achtzehn Jahren eine frische Melange aus alpiner Volksmusik, Jazz, World und allem möglichen anderen.




                            Dee Dolen Band are right in the thick of it and go straight to the heart! 

There are no musical boundaries and, with their boundlessly brilliant band, they create  a fresh mix of alpine folk music, jazz, world and all the rest you can think of.

Since 2001 the  charismatic vocalist Ingrid frida Moser and the jazz guitarist Achim Kirchmair are the driving forces of Dee Dolen with their feeling for lyrics and sounds.When they sprinkle words in Tyrolean dialect and yodeling sounds into their songs, you imagine yourself to be in a jazz cabin in the Dolomites. But then the Sugar Loaf Mountain keeps forcing its way into view, because the soundscape of Brazil is an integral feature of their songs. Not forgetting the gloomy, smoke-filled night clubs of New York and New Orleans that you can also get a glimpse of from this terrace. 




2013: Cd  Moments of Life (Quintett) live Doppelalbum, Ats-records

2011: Cd  Live@ORF RadioKulturhaus Innsbruck ( Quartett ),  Jok-records

2008: Cd  Schneefleckn (Quintett), Ats-records

2004: Cd  Live@Platoo  (Duo ), Jok-records

2003: Cd  Ungschorn  (Quintett), Extraplatte

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